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Britney Spears BARELY Sings in James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke

As much as we love James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment, we’ve got to admit we found Britney Spears‘ guest appearance to be a little lackluster. Maybe we had our expectations set too high given her ability to put on killer shows in Las Vegas, but it was still disappointing to see her upstaged so much by Corden.

Corden gave it his all with the songs, while Britney Spears quietly sang underneath him or dissolved into giggles. However, their between-song talks were still pretty hilarious.

Britney Spears Carpool Karaoke BandRumors.com

Britney Spears tried to keep demure, but it just came off boring.

For starters, When Britney says she doesn’t know what her song “Oops I Did it Again” is about, Corden replies that he thinks about it every time he orders a Dominos pizza. The two then launch into a rendition of the famous pop hit.

Britney starts shaking her head embarrassedly as that part of the song comes up that features the dialogue about the necklace comes up, but Corden dives right in by offering up a red pen in place of a necklace to Spears. They lipsync the dialogue back and forth before hitting the end of the song.

After that, Spears mentions she says she wants to have three more kids. “I have to find the right guy first,” she adds, to which Corden replies, “And then tell him he’s about to become the father of three children?”

Britney Spears Carpool Karaoke BandRumors.com

The highlight of the show was when James Corden put on a wig.

A few other notable moments include when Britney kept smacking Corden as he asked her about kids seeing her perform in scandalous outfits, and him saying he saw his mom in her underwear once and he couldn’t shake the image from his head. Also, talks of Britney Spears’ hotel aliases (“Anita Dick” for example), and some weird talk of bondage and tickling added to the hilarity.

They concluded their show with “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” where Corden and Spears both donned the trademark school girl outfit, and Cordon finished off the look with a blond wig complete with pigtails.

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So while the songs may have been a little disappointing, at least Corden kept the talk lively and interesting.

Watch the full clip here:


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