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Britney Spears Looks Hotter than Ever in ‘Private Show’ Commercial

Though celebrity perfumes can be a bit on the cheesy side, we’re all for it if it means we get to hear new Britney Spears music.

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Ohhhh, sparkly!


Spears is launching a new perfume called Private Showwhich, coincidentally, has the same name as a song on her upcoming album. A new commercial to promote the perfume features the new song.

Entertainment Tonight posted a behind-the-scenes video of the commercial shoot, and in it we get to hear clips of the song and get a glimpse of Britney Spears doing what she does best.

Take a look at the spot here:


In the video, she wears a sexy cut-out leotard as well as one of her signature sparkle-covered looks.

Entertainment Tonight also flashed back to an interview they did with Spears in 2014, back when she first began writing the album. In the interview, she hinted that her style was growing more mature.

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“It’s not so teeny-bopper, a little bit more of a rock feel to it,” she said. “It’s more different than I’ve ever done.”

Spears herself posted the full version of the ad on her Twitter account, and fans are going crazy.

Read more to see the full Britney Spears video:

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