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Calvin Harris is Moving On–Check Out His New Fling!

Thank goodness! Calvin Harris is moving on from his crazy ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, and we’re happy for the man. He’s recently been spotted getting cozy with singer Tinashe.

Calvin Harris Tinashe BandRumors.com

Calvin Harris knows how to pick ’em.

Harris and Tinashe first met in 2014 when they worked on the song “Dollar Signs” together. They’re more recent meet-up evidently started when Tinashe wanted to meet up to talk music, but according to a source, “Calvin is so into her and she thinks he’s cute.”

However, the relationship isn’t being rushed. The two are keeping things casual for now with no plans to make it a long-term thing. The source added, “It was just going out. No idea where it will end up going.”

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Another source agreed that nothing is set in stone. “They have been seeing each other on the DL,” the source stated. “It’s only been weeks, so it’s still pretty casual right now. They’ve been on a few dates.”

Calvin Harris Tinashe BandRumors.com

Tinashe has been performing since she was a kid.

However, the potential future couple was spotted on a nice date at Nobu in Malibu. A source at the restaurant said it was obviously more than business: “It was clearly a date. They were super close.”

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