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Chance the Rapper Promises $1M Donation to Chicago Public Schools

One of Chicago’s latest success stories is giving back in a major way to the city. Chance the Rapper is donating $1 million to Chicago public schools for after-school and enrichment programs.

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Chance the Rapper has been notoriously vocal about the changes Chicago needs.

Chance has had a massive amount of success without selling a single album. All his works are available for streaming only. Luckily, tours still make money, and his upcoming tour will provide the funds he needs to make the donation.

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He hosted a press conference earlier this week to explain his decision.

“Our kids should not be held hostage because of political positions,” he said. “This isn’t about politics. This isn’t about posturing. Everybody and their mama knows about what’s going on in Chicago.” He’s referencing the fact that about 400,000 students will have no programs to attend come June, especially in the neighborhoods most known for violence.

Chance the Rapper BandRumors.com

Chance gave his press conference at a local elementary school.

He also expressed his frustrations with Illinois governor Bruce Rauner, whom he met with last week. Evidently, they discussed the issues in public education as well as other problematic areas. However, right after the meeting, Chance said, “It went a little different than it should have.”

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