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Chris Brown Booted From Private Plane For Attempted Hotboxing

Chris Brown BandRumors.com

Chris Brown was caught in the act by an airline pilot.

Though chartering a private jet may have its perks, that doesn’t mean you can get away with whatever you want. We’re lookin’ at you, Chris Brown!

Police were called to Signature Aviation at the Miami International Airport after a pilot reported a complaint.

Chris Brown BandRumors.com

Drugs? What drugs?

According to the pilot, he smelled pot throughout the cabin. He had previously warned Brown and his crew not to smoke on the plane, but they ignored the warning and lit up before the plane even left the gate.

The cops kicked everyone off the jet when they arrived though no arrests were made.

However, Brown hopped onto Instagram to tell his followers that the rumors of his boot from the jet were false. He shot a quick video at Cannes, where he had landed for the film festival this week.

“Why the hell we in Cannes if we got escorted off the plane?” he asked.

Brown also attempted to blame the pilot, saying he asked Brown for an ‘eight ball.’

Check out the video here:

Sounds perfectly logical, right? Considering the video appears to have been removed from Brown’s Instagram, we’re not so sure.

Read more to check out more of Brown’s bad behavior:

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