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Coachella Weekend 1 Set Times Unveiled: Catch Ellie Goulding, Zedd & More

Though the lineup has been out for months, the official schedule of all the artists playing at Coachella Weekend 1 has just been released. The set times kick off at 11:00 a.m. each day and continue past midnight.

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Get ready for over 12 hours of music each day of Coachella.

Unfortunately, to fit in so many musicians into just three days necessarily requires some artists to overlap their performance times. So, alas, Coachella attendees can’t quite have it all (unless they run from stage to stage, which is completely doable).

A couple of the big time conflicts causing difficult decisions are Savages and Ellie Goulding, Ice Cube and Zedd, and Major Lazer and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Ellie Goulding Coachella BandRumors.com

Catch the beginning of Ellie Goulding’s set on Friday, then dash off to catch the ending half of Savages’ show.

Savages and Ellie Goulding are both playing Friday, with Goulding starting at 9:20 and Savages taking the stage at 9:35. Fans of both can at least start with Savages before moving on to catch the last half of Goulding’s set.

Ice Cube and Zedd are both playing Saturday, with Ice Cube opening for Guns N’ Roses starting at 9:05. Zedd will be at the Outdoor Theatre stage beginning at 9:30. Though fans may want to stick around through Ice Cube’s set to ensure they have a good spot for Guns N’ Roses, those desperate to catch Zedd should be able to catch a bit before heading back to the Coachella Stage.

Edward Sharpe Coachella BandRumors.com

Catch Edward Sharpe at 7:00 on Sunday before dashing off to see Major Lazer.

Major Lazer and Edward Sharpe are two Sunday schedule favorites, with Edward Sharpe starting at 7:00 and giving a 50-minute set. Major Lazer will be at the Coachella Stage at 7:30, so fans should be able to see a bit of both.

Though the amount of artists performing allows many fans to get a good amount of bang for their buck, Coachella management has raised a lawsuit against scalpers to ensure that audiences aren’t getting ripped off.

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The lawsuit is against the company Particle, LLC. An email sent out by the owner of Particle, Denise Kozlowski, stated “I also have VIP, Guest and Artist passes for sale. Please inquire for more details.”

Wristbands for Coachella are non-transferable, so anyone caught with a scalped wristband could be removed from the festival.

Presumably Coachella wants a cessation of reselling wristbands because in the lawsuit filings, they stated that “money damages cannot fully repair the damage that will be done to Coachella’s reputation and goodwill if it must turn away would-be festival attendees because they have unwittingly purchased void passes from defendants.”

So for everyone who purchased tickets (legally, hopefully) for Weekend 1, set those iPhone alarms so you don’t miss any of your favorite artists.


Check out the full list of set times here.

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