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Colton Haynes Stays Positive after Destructive Home Break-In

Arrow star Colton Haynes was struck by some really bad, unfair luck this past week. The actor’s home was broken into, but in keeping with true Colton Haynes style, he’s maintaining a positive attitude. He posted an Instagram video addressing the experience.

“Even though someone the other day broke into my house and stole a bunch of stuff, that’s not gonna get me down,” Colton Haynes said in the Instagram video.


He also posted a note on Twitter saying, “My home was broken into a few days ago & alot [sic] was stolen. I am ok. I don’t understand why it’s necessary that my personal info is on TMZ.”


According to TMZ, about $5,000 to $6,000 worth of items were stolen, most of which were electronics items. The burglars were able to enter Colton Haynes’ home by smashing a lockbox near the garage.

Colton Haynes’ Instagram video also reveals his new line of scented candles, which benefits the Exceptional Children’s Foundation, a group that employs mentally and physically challenged people. That’s not all he’s done to benefit the community either.

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