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Creepy Kanye West Box Shows Up at MTV – New Album Soon?

The thing about Kanye West is you never know what’s real and what’s pure show. One weird box showed up at MTV, and who knows what the heck the point was.

MTV News revealed that a package turned up for one of their editors with a bunch of weird stuff in it. There was a VHS tape that only played static, a pebble and a white plastic card. The card was what really got people talking. It had a bunch of numbers printed on it, as well as “NASA,” “PROJECT 10” and “KANYE WEST.”

Kanye West MTV BandRumors.com

The contents of the mystery box.

We’d probably throw that box out if it showed up on our doorstep. It sounds creepy as heck. But the MTV investigators got to work on figuring out what it meant.

Within 24 hours, rumors surged that the mystery box meant a new album. However, in those same 24 hours, the rumor fizzled out. MTV concluded the box meant West was going to release something new on Monday (they found the date March 20 amidst the creepy videos). However, West’s team actually¬†sent them a response.

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“That sounds really weird and suspiciously like a hoax,” said a Def Jam spokesperson.

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