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David Cassidy Takes Tumble During Show, Fans Question Sobriety

Former Partridge Family star David Cassidy left fans concerned this weekend. When performing a show on Saturday, Cassidy gave fans a fright by suffering a couple mishaps.

First off, he took several long, uncomfortable pauses during the gig in California. But that was the least of his problems. He then told the audience that Sunday night’s show would be his last, despite his tour dates supposedly extending into June.

Then came the true kicker: David Cassidy almost fell right off the stage.

Watch the video of the incident here:


On the bright side, he did sing Southern California’s praises and sounded happy about being there.

“I love being able to come back to the place that, despite the fact I wasn’t born here, for the most part this is my home,” he said. “And this is where I became a television star, a rock and roll star.”

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Obviously, those few words weren’t enough to distract fans from his tumble. Considering he’s had an alcohol problem in the past, the audience was rightfully worried. He was arrested for DUIs three separate times. Once was in 2010, once in 2013 and a final time in 2014.

Yikes. Hopefully he can get it together and finish up the rest of his tour. So far, his representation hasn’t commented on the fiasco.

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