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Demi Lovato Doesn’t Care that Her BF Beats Up Opponents

Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to get Demi Lovato to open up about her new beau. In case you missed it, Lovato is dating MMA fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos.

Demi Lovato MMA Fighter BandRumors.com

Couple alert!

The conversation started out with Ellen asking Demi Lovato how long she’s been boxing for. Lovato surprisingly responded that she trains in all sorts of mixed martial arts. That led Ellen to asking, “…and you date a boxer?”

Lovato giggled as she replied, “An MMA fighter!” Ellen has no clue what that means, and asks if that’s the same thing as cage fighting. Lovato clarifies that, yes, it is cage fighting, to which Ellen responds, “That seems so ridiculously dangerous!”

Demi Lovato MMA Fighter BandRumors.com

The pair hugged after one of Bomba’s fights.

After they get a bit of clarification on the rules (apparently you can kick someone in the face, but not the groin, which confuses Ellen), the host then asks if Lovato gets nervous seeing Vasconcelos fight.

“Of course!” Lovato said. Luckily, “Bomba” is usually on the winning side. But that begs the question, does Lovato feel bad for the people he hurts?

“I don’t feel bad,” she exclaimed. “Nope.” Naturally, Ellen’s comeback to this was great as well: “Cold, heartless woman!”

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