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Did Tom Hiddleston Cause Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris Split?

It’s looking like the Taylor Swift split with Calvin Harris is more complicated than we thought! Initial reports revealed that Harris had dumped Swift because she was pressuring him into marriage, but it looks like there was more to it than that.

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Decisions, decisions…

Another man, in fact! Swift was spotted at the Met Gala (where, coincidentally, Harris was a no-show) dancing with The Avengers star Tom Hiddleston. Harris and Swift were together at the time, but the producer opted not to attend the Met Gala because he’s just not into those things.

It seemed a bit odd that he wouldn’t show up especially since Swift was a co-host of the event. Perhaps that’s why she persuaded Hiddleston to hit the dance floor with her, resulting in this awkward video:


Apparently, Harris wasn’t happy about this little dance fest. A source said that Harris was angry about it, adding, “What guy wants to see a video of his girl getting close to a guy like Tom?”

Hiddleston, ever the charmer, has yet to comment on the issue.

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