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DJ Tigerlily Hits Back After Nude Snapchat Leaked!

DJ Tigerlily Nude Snapchat BandRumors.com

DJ Tigerlily Snapchat was hacked

We’ve grown a bit weary of these “leaked” celebrity nudes…I mean, seriously, videos and pictures are leaked all the time and, afterwards, the celebrity “victim” ends up accumulating more fame and money.

DJ Tigerlily Nude Snapchat BandRumors.com

DJ Tigerlily

But this doesn’t seem to be the case of 23-year-old Australian DJ Dara Hayes, otherwise known by her stage name DJ Tigerlily. In fact, Hayes has spoken out against a hacker who uploaded an “unedited” version of the video from Snapchat onto the Internet.

The video started innocently enough: Hayes posed for a Snapchat video wearing a white hotel robe moments before she opened her robe and flashed the camera.

The video was then uploaded to Snapchat by her friend (and photographer) Lady Drewniak. Drewniak, probably with the help of Hayes, drew emojis and edited out the overt nudity.

But then a hacker/follower cleverly managed to download the footage and remove the overlays of the video (maybe by using another editing hack?) and then posted the uncensored version on the web.

We’ve seen the video and, though we do think it’s a crime to release nude footage without consent, let’s be honest – seeing naked girls on the Internet is hardly new. And, if you don’t want nude photos or videos getting out on the Internet…don’t take them in the first place!

Either way,  Hayes rightfully vented her frustration to nearly half a million of her Facebook followers about the trolls who are responsible for circulating the video.

‘As you may or may not know, in the past 24 hours there has been some content of me spread online,’ DJ Tigerlily wrote.

‘I am a young confident woman and I share many aspects of my life and who I am on social media. When I share content I make a conscious decision to do so.

‘The content that has been ripped from Snapchat, edited and distributed is being done so against my will. As Jennifer Lawrence said ‘It is not a scandal. It is a sex crime. It is a sexual violation. It’s disgusting.

DJ Tigerlily Nude Snapchat FB Post

 Let’s hope Snapchat will respond and make sure hackers can’t edit private photos. In the meantime, and let this be a warning to Snapchat users, be careful when posting any nude photos or videos!

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