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Dr. Luke Goes after Fan Who Started #FreeKesha Campaign

Can Dr. Luke stop being such a jerk? Apparently not.

As most people know by now, Dr. Luke, a producer, has gotten in a lot of controversy over his bad relationship with Kesha. Kesha claims he was sexually and verbally abusive, and he’s refused to let her perform or back out of her contract with him.

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The drama has gone on and on and on.

When the news first surfaced, a fan started using the hashtag, “#FreeKesha,” and it caught on in a big way. Turns out that fan was named Michael Eisele, who runs the @KeshaToday Twitter account. Now, in the midst of the drawn-out legal battle, Dr. Luke wants to drag Eisele into it.

Apparently his lawyers believe Eisele worked with Kesha to “spread Ms. Sebert’s defamatory statements and tarnish Plaintiff’s reputation.”

Aren’t you ruining enough people’s lives, Dr. Luke? Why draw this out any longer?

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