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Dr. Luke NOT Getting Fired From Sony??

According to his representatives, Dr. Luke is not going to be leaving Sony anytime soon. Pop star Kesha has been wanting to end her professional relationship with the producer for quite some time, alleging that Dr. Luke raped her, drugged her, and has consistently mistreated her throughout their contract.

Kesha with Dr. Luke, the man holding her captive under a music contract.

In a recent lawsuit between the two parties, Kesha sued for an injunction to escape from her contract with Dr. Luke. Kesha wanted to be able to continue to put out music without having to do so under Dr. Luke’s label, Kemosabe Records.

However, in February, a judge ruled that the contract between the two was a typical type in the entertainment industry, and that upholding the agreement was the commercially viable thing to do. Kesha remains under Dr. Luke’s thumb, and if she wants to keep putting out music, she must be willing to work with the man who drugged and raped her.

Kesha’s mother Pebe Sebert has spoken up on the issue as well. Part of the issue in Kesha’s court case is the lack of any evidence of rape. Sebert revealed that Kesha confided to her about the rape in 2005, but that Kesha begged her mother not to go to the police. The singer stated, “Mom, I just want to sing. I don’t want to be a rape-case victim.”

Rumors have recently surfaced that Sony, which owns Kemosabe Records, would be making the wise decision to drop Dr. Luke in light of this controversy. Unfortunately, these may simply be rumors. An insider has spoken up, stating that “Luke has an excellent relationship with Sony. His representatives are in regular contact with executives at the highest levels at Sony, and this has never come up.”

Ariana Grande Taylor Swift Adele

Standing together: Ariana, Taylor, and Adele show support for Kesha.

It’s unclear how the situation will unfold from here. Kesha has many powerhouse artists who are also under Sony’s record labels pulling for her. Adele, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande have all voiced support for Kesha.

Dr. Luke’s reps remain confident that the situation won’t affect his career. However, we’re hoping the short “no comment” response from the label when asked about the situation is a sign that the producer may be in some hot water.

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