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Drake Chaperoned His Cousin & Her Date at Prom – Best Cousin Ever?

Having a chaperone for prom is usually not ideal. It’s usually a parent or babysitter of some sort there solely to make sure you don’t get up to too much hanky panky. But if you had Drake for your prom chaperone, that would be a different story entirely.

Jalaah Moore had her prom in Memphis over the weekend, but here’s the kicker–she’s Drake’s cousin. Drake clearly takes his cousin duties seriously, because he showed up to escort her and her date to the big dance.

He posted a photo on Instagram of the happy couple, who were rocking matching sequin outfits.

Prom 2017 #FairleyHighSchool #901 #YoungLove @hyfr_jalaah ????????????????

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From the look of the picture, Drake at the very least took the couple out for some grub. But other pictures show that he also escorted them to the dance itself.

Best Day Everrrr???????????????????????? @champagnepapi

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And it doesn’t end there. Moore’s class had an after party at a nearby Hard Rock Cafe, where Drake picked up the entire tab. A meal or two may not seem like a lot, but for teenagers, that’s a gift. Now they can put their hard-earned dough towards their futures and enjoy a night out without stress.

Sooo…where do we call up Drake to escort us to the next office holiday party?

Source: CNN.com

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