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File Under Philly: Aliah Sheffield Goes Low-Budget for Debut Video

There’s something unusual about Aliah Sheffield’s first music video: she’s not in it! The clip for the debut from Philadelphia label Sound Gems Records’ rising R&B singer, “Where I’m At (Is in Love with You),” takes a point-of-view approach, as the camera navigates the small, scenic town of Brockport, NY.

“The romantic visual pairs well with the song’s story,” says director Manuel Beltrán. “The narrator’s singing about a love she sees wherever she goes, and the camera’s giving us her viewpoint as she imagines her love is right beside her.”

The song’s co-writer and producer, Frank Fioravanti, agrees. “When we wrote the song, we left it a little ambiguous: is her love real or imagined? The video gives that idea a neat perspective.”

Sheffield said she expects a strong response for the video, which she said is just the beginning for “Where I’m At.” “I have a great team putting a lot of energy into giving this song the best chance it can get. I’m proud of the song, and I’d love to see it continue to gain radio support. Who knows: maybe we’ll hear it on TV or in a movie someday!”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVaWVeHCjxQ]

Sound Gems Records, best known for making William DeVaughn (“Be Thankful For What You Got”) a star 40 years ago, has chosen Aliah Sheffield as the first new artist in its ongoing relaunch campaign. “There’s something remarkable about Aliah’s voice,” said producer Frank Fioravanti. “She has that special something that appeals to listeners who might not have ever given soul music a chance.”

“Where I’m At (Is in Love with You)” was co-written by Fioravanti and classic R&B producer Darnell Jordan (People’s Choice, Teddy Pendergrass), but stylistically fits in with Sheffield’s original compositions, many of which she’s shared on her YouTube profile.

“What I’m trying to do is combine the classic and contemporary into my own style,” Sheffield said. “I feel very blessed to be partnered with a label that I feel so artistically connected to.”

“Where I’m At” has already begun to build momentum on college and Internet radio, with ads on stations in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan and podcasts across the UK.

“This is an incredibly exciting moment in my career, and the support I’ve gotten is really encouraging,” said Sheffield. “I can only hope that this is just the beginning.”

You can find Aliah and Sound Gems Records on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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