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File Under Philly: Armani White’s Hip-Hop “Secret Handshake”

Once in a while you come across a new artist and his/her music just blows you away. It doesn’t matter the genre – you just connect with it. It could be Jazz, Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, Punk, EDM etc.

In this case it’s LegendBound (@Legendbound) hip-hop artist Armani White (@Armaniwhite). The Philly native was born into a family of horn players but it wasn’t until he heard Eminem, while driving with his mom as a kid, that something clicked and he started to find his musical voice.

White’s influences and musicality converge on his killer new single “Secret Handshake.” The deeply melodic and rapid fire vocals showcase the skill and sharp wit of an exciting young songwriter and performer.

I’m on 100 proof and it’s evident.. I’m throwing up in your court yard
I Need some air, and decent hearing. and I’m supposed to be going to meet your parents
But at least I got my Gulls out of my ‘swole mouth, i’m spilling drinks on my planning board
And… I see you got the gold out bouta go out, I see the link then I’m Ganondorf

See entire lyric for “Secret Handshake” on RapGenius

Armani White

Armani White

In White’s words: “Secret Handshake boasts an illustrious lifestyle while still battling with my insecurities as an artist in one mood swing. The song kicks off with a high energy recollection of successions and scandals spread across synth pads, live guitars and viola strings. KilConfirmed rolls a smooth bass solo across the hook that segues into a more sensitive second verse.”



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