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Former Megadeth Drummer Nick Menza Dies On Stage

Drummer Nick Menza, best known for his time spent with Megadeth, was pronounced dead this weekend after collapsing on stage during a performance.

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Menza was unable to be revived after collapsing.

Menza was mid-song with his new band OHM when he fell down and was unable to rise again. The band had been playing at a jazz club called the Baked Potato in Studio City, California. They were only on their third song of the night.

Paramedics rushed onto the scene, but ultimately they weren’t able to revive him. His manager, Steve Bauer, announced that Menza was deemed dead upon arrival to the hospital.

Nick Menza Megadeth BandRumors.com

Menza had played with Megadeth for over 10 years, from the 1980s to the 2000s.

Though an official cause of death hasn’t been revealed yet, early reports suggest that Menza had a heart attack.

Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman posted a touching tribute on Facebook for Menza.

Nick Menza Megadeth BandRumors.com

Bauer also expressed his surprise at the tragic news. “The group’s bassist texted me last night after it happened. We are all still in shock,” he said.

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