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Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Melt Hearts With ‘The Voice’ Duet

If an endearingly romantic duet from Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani weren’t enough to melt our hearts, seeing the couple perform live on The Voice earlier this week sealed the deal.

Shelton kicked off the song onstage solo, and Stefani joined shortly after, batting her eyelashes at Shelton until it was time for her to join in for the chorus.

Check out the video here:


Though this song is quite obviously about the two lovebirds, Shelton said in a recent interview that his song “I Bet You Still Think About Me” off his latest album is about his ex Miranda Lambert.

“It’s basically what it sounds like,” Shelton said. “At some point whether you go through a divorce or a breakup or whatever, once you get past the anger and the frustration of it all, you kind of go into the sad part.”

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Blake Shelton split with Miranda Lambert in 2015.

He capped of his statement by adding, “Even though stuff didn’t work out, I bet you miss me a little bit. It’s a sad song.”

Read more to get the details on the new duet:

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