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Harry Styles Gets Bowie Comparisons with Debut Single ‘Sign of the Times’

Oh, goodness. We’re totally on board for Harry Styles releasing a solo album. But some people are calling him the new David Bowie, and that’s just not acceptable to us.

Harry Styles released his first solo single today. It’s called “Sign of the Times,” and, yes, it’s awesome. It premiered on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 this morning, and people had no idea what to expect. Would he sound like his boy band One Direction? Would he be going after Zayn Malik’s audience?

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Harry Styles is all smiles.

Turns out, he wanted to make a big, loud piano ballad that holds nothing back. There’s a choir, a falsetto chorus and basically all the ingredients for an ’70s rock ballad throwback. Many industry insiders were saying Harry Styles’ new album would wind up sounding like a mix of David Bowie and Queen. However, as the Guardian wrote, “If it is indeed Bowie-esque, then it’s the Bowie of Hunky Dory rather than Bowie the drug-ravaged aesthete of the ’70s.”

Still, “Sign of the Times” is a pretty darn good song. But the pop star was a little on the nervous side about revealing it. “It’s a bit weird,” he said on the radio. “I feel like I’ve been hibernating for so long…and now it’s time to give birth. It’s the song I’m most proud of writing.”

Listen to Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” here:


This is his first new release since One Direction decided to take a break in January of last year. Of course, the other former One Directioners are also making waves. Zayn Malik (who won’t be returning to the band) has had a fairly successful solo career going. Likewise, Louis Tomlinson debuted a big hit on the X Factor recently.

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Harry Styles has also expanded into a film career. His debut role will be in Dunkirk, which premieres on July 21, 2017.


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