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Iggy Azalea Gets No Apology From Cheating Fiancé Nick Young

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Young definitely didn’t do anything wrong by cheating on Azalea with a 19-year-old.

Iggy Azalea‘s fiancé and Los Angeles Laker Nick Young was caught on tape admitting to cheating on his wife-to-be. The person who filmed the confession was none other than Young’s fellow Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell.

Though no one has said anything about Azalea getting an apology, in an odd twist of morality the cheating Young has earned an “I’m sorry” from Russell.

In the video, 30-year-old Young admits to sleeping with a 19-year-old girl. Though the confession tape is several months old, Young and Azalea have been together since 2013, making it likely that this took place during their relationship. Russell also asks Young about Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa’s former spouse, to which Young replied, “No, she knows my girl.”

Azalea left a brief acknowledgment of the video on Twitter:

Nothing has come to light on whether the couple will continue with their marriage plans, but hopefully Young is wising up to the fact that he made a mistake. His Lakers teammates, however, seem to think Russell is the one who made the boo-boo.

The LA Lakers have been fairly supportive of Young, instead turning their rage on Russell for breaking the team’s trust. Because it definitely makes sense to shun the guy who brought the truth to light rather than the cheater.

Lakers management finally forced Young and Russell to have a chat. Russell apologized for filming the tape, but the relationship is still strained.

Young remained fairly silent on the situation in a recent press conference.

Amber Rose was likewise nonchalant about Young’s behavior. The model stated “I’m not sure why I was mentioned in the video. I know Nick Young. He’s a great guy. I’ve been around him a million times. He’s super fun and super cool. It’s unfortunate that he got caught up, but shit happens.”

Forget all the inter-team drama with the Lakers. It seems like the real apology that should be happening is one from Young to Azalea.

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