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Interview: Jessica Rotter Talks ‘Pitch Perfect’ & New Album ‘Plains’

From singing on the soundtracks to films like Pitch Perfect to launching her debut album Plains, Jessica Rotter has wound her way through a musical upbringing to become a powerhouse talent. We had a chance to chat with the Los Angeles native about everything from staying true to yourself to biggest guilty pleasures.

Jessica Rotter BandRumors.com

Jessica Rotter brings a natural vibrance to her self-written songs.

Check out what she had to say here:

BandRumors: You just released your first album, congrats! What was the most challenging part of the process? The most gratifying?

Jessica Rotter: Thank you! The most challenging part was finding my sound. This is my first album and up until this project I had been singing for everyone else’s music so I was always morphing my voice and fitting into different genres. This was my first time discovering who I am as an artist and putting together a piece that is wholly myself. That is incredibly gratifying. And learning the skills to be an open hearted collaborator was also really gratifying. I made friendships and relationships in this process that are so valuable.

BR: You also sing for film and television. What has been your favorite project to work on and why?

JR: I think the Pitch Perfect movies have been my favorite. It’s incredibly fun and soloistic in nature. And the producer Harvey Mason, Jr. is just a blast to work with!

BR: Do you remember what first sparked your interest in music?

JR: My whole family is musical so I have always been around it. I started singing scales with my mom when I was a baby and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love music. But I do remember standing at the top of our stairs singing classical arias at 10 years old. That really sparked my love for singing in a serious way.

Jessica Rotter BandRumors.com

Jessica Rotter performed her track ‘Porch Song’ live on KCAL9.

BR: Your dad is also a successful musician. Did you ever feel pressured into going down this path?

JR: Both of my parents are! My mom is an incredible flute player and has been playing for movies since before I was born. My dad was a composer but is now a music contractor and hires musicians for orchestras. My grandpa wrote music for artists like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and was a very talented multi instrumentalist session player. I never felt pressured to be a musician. It always felt very natural, normal, and organic.

BR: Do you ever face pressure from other music industry professionals to make your music into something you don’t want it to be? How do you deal with that?

JR: I do, and I hold on to the fact that my music is mine. And the people I collaborate with are in support of this sound we find together. There’s no point in putting yourself in a box if that box isn’t your size. I love the wonderful things that happen musically when you’re not trying to be someone else.

Jessica Rotter BandRumors.com

Jessica stunned at her album launch party.

BR: You’ve performed at incredible venues like the W Hotel and the Standard. Do you have a favorite venue to play at?

JR: Hotel Cafe has been my favorite thus far. I played there multiple times last year and it has a great vibe. There’s also a new spot on Fairfax called Open Space and they have the best sound of any venue I have heard. It’s a really great listening room.

BR: What’s your favorite way to get motivated to write?

JR: I play the piano and just fool around and usually something will come to me. But a lot of times, a song will just come to me – usually while driving!

BR: Now for the really serious stuff–what’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

JR: Hilary Duff. I have a huge friend crush on her. Can’t we be moms together?


Jessica Rotter’s debut album Plains is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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