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Iggy Azalea ‘Tape’ Saga

01-iggy-azalea‘The Iggy Azalea tape scandal is getting weird…

First it wasn’t her and there was no tape, then it might have been her but she was under age, and now it’s her again but her ex-boyfriend is seeking “revenge.”

We also heard that the ex-boyfriend was a former record producer/manager and since she was under 18 he couldn’t release any video without her consent.

It was then revealed that she WAS 18 and that he did, in fact, have the right to distribute her likeness as long as there’ was music attached to the image. In other words, he could legally distribute a video of her as long as her music was included.

Today’s revelations add fuel the fire and it’s now being reported on TMZ that a sex tape is being shopped Vivid Entertainment.

With celebrities being leaked online naked ever day, does anyone even care any more? There’s a laundry list of celebrities that have used tapes to make untold millions of dollars.

What do you think? Is the Iggy tape being leaked by a jealous ex-boyfriend or is she manipulating the media to get more attention?



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