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Jake T. Austin AXED from DigiTour — Drinking and Partying to Blame?

There’s a reason the saying “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” has been around for so long – it’s a fitting reminder for those who don’t take their good fortune seriously. Just ask Jake T. Austin of The Fosters and Wizards of Waverly Place fame. Jake T. Austin just got booted off DigiTour‘s summer program and it’s rumored that his hard partying (i.e. drinking) may have been to blame. Nevermind that Austin was arrested for a DUI back in 2013. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Jake T. Austin DigiTour BandRumors.com

He’s not talking about his behavior.

DigiTour is known for bringing together social media stars for music and pop culture events across the nation. Austin was part of their current Summer tour along with Baby Ariel, Dylan Dauzat, Weston Koury and Rickey Thompson. He was supposed to hit up 28 cities total, but he only made it about three-fourths of the way through the tour before getting the boot.

He announced his departure on Twitter:

DigiTour also posted a note to fans on Twitter announcing that they had already found a replacement.

From their posts alone, things seem amicable, but there’s a lot boiling underneath the surface. Fans commenting on the posts seem to think Jake T. Austin got the boot because he had been meeting fans for free, therefore losing money for DigiTour since a portion of DigiTour’s revenue comes from VIP meet-and-greets. However, that may not totally be the case.

In fact, Austin has a track record of getting into trouble and not playing well with others. He had formerly appeared on the ABC television series The Fosters, but was mysteriously written off after two seasons. Fellow cast mates skirted the issue of his departure by saying things like, “He wasn’t the right fit.” Austin himself commented about wanting to move on to more challenging projects.

Jake T. Austin Maia Mitchell DigiTour BandRumors.com

Maia isn’t crying over you, Jake.

But Maia Mitchell, who plays Callie on the program, shared her true feelings when she was asked if she was disappointed that Austin left. Her response? A blunt “No.”

Austin’s role as Jesus was filled by Noah Centineo, who got nothing but praise from his co-stars.

Read more about Jake T. Austin’s 2013 DUI Arrest:

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