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Japanese Olympic ‘Pole’ Vaulter Hits Hilarious Anatomical Snag

Ouch! That one had to hurt. A poor, poor Japanese pole vaulter competing at the Rio Olympics lost out on his chance at the finals thanks to–we can’t believe this is real–his penis. Yes, Hiroki Ogita‘s manhood got in the way of his Olympic victory.

Japanese Olympic Pole Vaulter Penis BandRumors.com

Ogita was on his way to the top when his package had other plans.

Talk about the ultimate party foul. To heck with dogs, a man’s junk is supposed to be his best friend. His wingman. A source of pride. But now we wonder if Ogita will ever regain a working relationship with the body part that cost him his dreams.

How, you may ask, did a penis manage to hinder Ogita’s leaping skills? Did it throw off his balance? Did it purposely sabotage Ogita’s attempts due to poor treatment?

Nope. It was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. The pole vaulter was attempting to make a 17.3 foot jump in the qualifying rounds. Things were looking up–his legs made it over the bar, with his shins barely tapping it. His thighs slid along the bar on the way down, but that’s when the bar hooked his penis. His arm then followed, causing the bar to fall and Ogita to foul.

Japanese Olympic Pole Vaulter Penis BandRumors.com


His next and final jump, he cleared 17.8 feet, but it wasn’t enough to bring him into the finals. He ended in 21st place.

Read more to see Hiroki Ogita’s response to the catastrophic penile disaster:

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