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Jay Z Ditches Spotify – Power Play for Tidal?

If you weren’t clear about Jay Z meaning business, you can rest assured now. The rapper just totally yanked his entire music catalog off Spotify.

As fans of Jay Z know by now, he’s the main owner of Tidal, another subscription based streaming service. Tidal has been having its ups and downs. Yes, they have content that isn’t available anywhere else. But on the other hand, a subscription also costs more than Spotify.

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So long, Spotify!

Now, all his music is gone from Spotify. Though he hasn’t released any comment why, it’s most likely a power play. How else would he show that Tidal has content you can’t get anywhere else if his own music was still on a competitor’s site?

We can’t help but wonder if something is up with Tidal lately. After all, Kanye West recently ditched Spotify as well.

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