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Jaye Muller Returns From Hiatus To Release New Album ‘Bandages Cover The Looting’

Count Jaye

Count Me In: Jaye Muller Gets Down & Dirty With The Hard Beats

Jaye Muller, the charismatic German songwriter, frontman and accidental tech pioneer who shot to fame in the early 90s with his seminal record We Are The Majority, is back after an extended hiatus. 

Muller, who had made waves across Europe on shows like MTV Europe and who also made a splash on American TV with not one but two appearances on Good Morning America means that we have two reasons to be excited:

First of all, he’s assembled a new hard-driving rock band: Count Jaye & The Hard Beats and second, they recently released the enigmatically titled, 12-track album Bandages Cover The Looting.

Some of Jaye Muller’s previous collaborators include a who’s who’s list of some of the hippest names in music, including former Beach Boys manager and songwriter Jack Rieley (who penned the lyrics for two songs on the new album), star producer John Leckie (Muse, Radiohead, XTC), Mark Gardener from the English indie band Ride and Nuno Bettencourt from the rock band Extreme. Songwriter Ben Patton (and musical partner in the duo “Muller and Patton”) also contributed lyrics for several songs.

In Count Jaye’s own words: “After many years of producing pop music in one form or another, either for other artists or for my own act, and using every trick in the book for surgical editing, including autotune, copy and paste etc. I decided that I’m sick of too-sterile sounding recordings and needed to get raw and dirty.”

The rocky but Beatlesque sounding songs are “raw and dirty” indeed but are also well crafted. The lack of autotuned vocals is apparent at times but welcome in today’s world of overproduced pop perfection.

Bandages Cover The Looting is an album driven by guitars, bass, drums and some old fashioned organ and piano, plus the melodic but screechy voice of the Count himself.

The title song is a duet and includes a seductive female performance by 19-year-old Michelle Omba, who also appears in the bands video rocking out on drums (below). 

According to Muller, “I had to brush up on my guitar and bass playing… Sometimes I did this in several takes, especially for the guitar solos (as I had never played a guitar solo before) but often one take was it!” says Jaye on the band’s Facebook page.

The album is now available in all major online stores (we bought our copy on iTunes), as well as a free download on Noisetrade. Go ahead, check ’em out –  I think you’ll love this!

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