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Jimmy Fallon ‘Covers’ U2 In Honor Of Injured Bono

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots cover U2’s “Desire” after U2 cancels residency due to cycling injury sustained by Bono in Central Park.

Jimmy Fallon is probably the most passionate non-musician musician out there. Fallon can sing and play guitar, to a degree, and it’s usually his most adequate performances that are the most endearing because his impressions are so brilliant.

Watching Fallon perform is like routing for your favorite cover band – they’ll never be as good as the original but you want to love them all the same.

Fallon can sell his performances better than most and, though there may be moments where his ego can get the best of him – like the time he made rock star Bruce Springsteen back him up – we can forgive the goofy Saturday Night Live Alum because we’re having so much fun, wishing that WE could play alongside rock stars without being booed off the stage (or hauled away by security).

U2 Rattle And Hum (1988)

U2 Rattle And Hum (1988)

That’s the line that Fallon so skillfully walks; a place somewhere in between comedy and nerdy super fan. He’s like the kid in high school who desperately wanted to be in a band but had to settle with being friends with the the guys in the band instead.

All this has changed and Jimmy Fallon is a superstar in his own right. But when the took to the stage to cover for Bono, who was in a Central Park cycling accident that required stitches and metal plates, we were treated to something much different: this was as much a parody as it was a tribute to U2 and Bono.

It was the nerdy super fan saying to U2, “Hey thanks for all the amazing music you given us – I got your back on this one.” And with that, Fallon and The Roots kicked into a cover of “Desire” from U2’s sixth album Rattle And Hum (1988). Fallon also graciously plugged U2’s thirteenth Album Songs of Innocence (2014).

If you didn’t see the video check it out – it was one of the coolest moments in late night music history. Thanks Jimmy!


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