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Joy Villa Wore a Donald Trump Dress to the Grammys

The Grammys red carpet always features some interesting fashion choices. It’s not quite as serious as the Oscars, and it’s a bit more rock and roll. However, Joy Villa still managed to surprise by wearing a dress dedicated to Donald Trump.

It’s one thing to voice your political opinions. It’s a whole other ballgame to wear them across your awards ceremony dress. Nonetheless, Joy Villa sported a blue dress with the phrase “make America great again,” printed down it.

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Maybe next time hire a better seamstress.

For those who have somehow managed to distance themselves from the political kerfuffle that’s been going on, this is Donald Trump’s slogan. That wasn’t all, either. The back part of Villa’s dress spelled out “TRUMP” in giant letters.

Funny enough, Villa’s bold move has probably done exactly what she wanted it to. People who had never heard of her (including us) are suddenly talking about her. What’s more, her album sales are climbing.

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