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Justin Bieber Bails on World Tour–But Why?

Too bad, Beliebers! Justin Bieber has canceled his Purpose tour.

To be frank, we’re never really all that sad to get less of Justin Bieber in our lives. Still, in this situation, we can’t help but feel a bit sorry for his fans–and the tour crew–in this situation.

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So here’s what happened. At first Bieber canceled his tour due to exhaustion. Just hours after bailing out on the 14 remaining dates, a video surfaced of him hanging on a beach in Santa Monica. He stated that he was getting some “rest and relaxation.” Considering he had been on tour for two years already, it wasn’t that surprising that he needed a break.

Naturally, there were some fans out there who felt this wasn’t okay. But Bieber had a message for them as well: “I love you guys. I think you guys are awesome. Sorry for anybody who feels disappointed or betrayed. It’s not my heart or anything.”

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The sudden bail means people who had work lined up in relation to the tour are suddenly without jobs again. According to TMZ, the crew is “incredibly pissed off at him.” Yikes.

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