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Justin Bieber Punched a Fan & We Actually Don’t Blame Him

How long will it take for Justin Bieber‘s fans to get that he doesn’t like them? First he whines about them wanting autographs, then he whines about them being too loud at his shows and now he punched one of them in the face.

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Don’t mess with the Biebs.

Okay, so this time, the fan was actually getting kind of invasive, which is a no-no to begin with, but especially so with Justin Bieber, who continuously expresses the desire for personal space.

When Bieber was in Barcelona on the way to perform Tuesday night, a guy ran up to his car and tried to stick his hand through the window to touch him. Bieber wasn’t having any of that and promptly punched him in the face.

The man–by this time sporting a bloody lip–and his friends were stunned and clearly angry about the whole ordeal.

TMZ obtained videos of the debacle:


It’s hard to see what’s going on inside the car at the time of the punch, but the guy probably shouldn’t have had his hand in the car like that to begin with. As for Justin Bieber, there are definitely better ways of handling an invasion of personal space than a punch to the face. Then again, he also was cornered inside a car, which makes someone wedging their hands in feel even more invasive.

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Even if he weren’t a celebrity it probably wouldn’t have been that bad of a reaction. Heck, we all know how crazy certain fans get over the Biebs, and you never know how far they’ll go.

So here we are, for once agreeing with Justin Bieber’s actions, even if we’d love to hate him and bash him for being a psychotic violent egomaniac.

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