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Justin Bieber Sides with Kanye West in Lamest News of the Century

Oh, Justin Bieber, you’re such a tease. First he gets everybody’s hopes up for a Selena Gomez reunion by posting throwback photos from when they were dating, now he disses one of her best friends, Taylor Swift, by siding with her enemy.

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Doubt they’ll ever get this close again without punches flying.

For those of you lucky ones who have missed out on the ridiculous Kanye West/Taylor Swift drama that’s gone down recently, here’s a recap. Kanye wrote a song that mentioned himself making Taylor Swift famous but thinking they might still have sex. Swift got super publicly angry about the lyrics, but Kanye claimed she gave him permission to use the lyrics, which she denied.

Cue Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s wife, hopping on Snapchat to post a video of Kanye having a phone conversation with the pop star where she does, in fact, say the lyrics are a compliment. The internet exploded, with a #TaylorSwiftIsOver hashtag taking over Twitter.

Many celebs came to Swift’s defense, including her friend–and Bieber’s ex–Selena Gomez, who tweeted that “there are more important things to talk about.”

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