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Justin Bieber Sued For $650,000 After Destroying Business

With great power comes great responsibility. This is a lesson Justin Bieber just learned, since he singlehandedly destroyed a business with a simple tweet.

Justin Bieber BandRumors.com

Way to go, Justin Bieber! You singlehandedly destroyed a business.

Promotional company Team Productions has sued Bieber for $650,000 in damages thanks to the pop star’s bashing of their business online.

Evidently, Bieber had a contract with Team Productions to perform at Beachclub in Montreal. After performing a couple songs, he would meet with fans and spend some time hanging out with them.

Under the agreement, Team Productions would pay the “Love Yourself” singer $250,000 when the deal was signed and an additional $175,000 right before his appearance.

Justin Bieber BandRumors.com

Why so glum? Surely you’ve got the money to pay for the lawsuit?

However, Bieber was required under the deal to promote the show on social media. Since he failed to do so, the promotors requested a discount on the second payment.

Bieber’s team refused, claiming that Team Productions was merely requesting a discount because they didn’t have the money.

As a result, the deal fell through. The “Baby” songster posted one single tweet that would prove to be the end of business for Team Productions.

As a result of this simple statement, Team Productions has stated that no one wants to work with them anymore, essentially making the business valueless. They’ve sued Bieber for $650,000 in a Montreal court.

Read more to see what Beachclub’s bash on Team Productions:

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