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Justin Timberlake Faces Possible Jail Time for Instagram Photo

We know everyone is enthusiastic about getting to the polls (and even more enthusiastic about sharing their political opinions on Facebook), but here’s a friendly reminder to keep your actual poll-time to yourself. Justin Timberlake is setting a lesson for us all by facing jail time for taking a selfie in a voting booth.

Timberlake may have been just trying to show off his national pride while encouraging people to vote, but now someone from the Tennessee District Attorney’s office has stated that the situation is “under review.”

Taking a selfie in the voting both isn’t illegal in all states, but Justin Timberlake just happened to be in Memphis, Tennessee, where it is illegal, when he took the photo.

Incidentally, he wrote in the caption exactly where he was at the time of taking the photo.

As punishment, he could end up spending up to 30 days in prison or have to pay a $50 fine. We’re guessing the $50 would be no big deal for Justin Timberlake, but he’s probably not going to want to be heading to jail and missing out on appearances elsewhere and such.

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We’d recommend playing it safe and just avoiding taking any photos at the polls, but if you absolutely must get that selfie, take a look at the Daily Mail‘s list of the laws in each state.

Thankfully, taking selfies with fans outside the polling place is perfectly legal, so a few of Justin Timberlake’s fans that happened to find themselves in the right place at the right time managed to sneak a pic.

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