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Kanye West Fans Mob Streets Of NYC After Canceled Show

We’ll say this about Kanye West‘s fans: they are one determined bunch.

Kanye’s headlining performance was scheduled for the third day of the Governors Ball, which took place this past weekend, but thanks to severe weather, the show was canceled.

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Kanye West’s fans took over the streets of NYC after his Governors Ball performance was canceled.

Kanye tried to make up for the shut-down by performing a surprise show in the streets. Like the good citizen he sometimes is, the rapper tried to get approval from New York City mayor Bill de Blasio to shut down the streets.

Kanye’s lady love Kim Kardashian posted a Snapchat of Kanye trying to get the mayor on the phone, and Blasio popped onto Twitter to ask if anyone had Kanye’s number so he could call him back.

Unfortunately, they never had a chance to get something worked out. The thousands of fans piling up in the streets got to be far too much to handle. After Kanye tweeted out a hint that the canceled show would go on in the East Village, more than 4,000 people raced over to Webster Hall, where his show would be held.

Unfortunately, Webster Hall only holds 1,500 people. The venue had to choose to shut down the show.

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