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Kanye West Joined Instagram & His First Photo is BS

How is it that Kanye West is barely on Instagram for a day and he’s already gotten (at the time of this writing) 940,000 followers? Meanwhile, we can hashtag “#CatsOfInstagram” all day long and still only get a few likes.

Kanye West Instagram BandRumors.com

Come on, people, this is way better than Kanye West.

Is West deserving of getting all those followers? People who like him (hint: not us) consider him to be massively artistic and a genius and blah, blah, blah. To live up to that reputation, he better post something really profound and the photo-sharing social site, right?

Well, here it is. Kanye West’s first Instagram post:

A photo posted by Kanye West (@kanyewest) on

At first glance, we could kind of see the artistry involved. But on our second look, we realized, “Wait a minute…isn’t that from Total Recall?”

Kanye West Instagram BandRumors.com

Even Arnold is disappointed.

Yep, that’s right. West didn’t even post a photo he himself took. Instead it’s just a screengrab from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. There’s no caption, so he literally added nothing of value to the picture. Yet somehow this photo still has over 52,000 likes because, you know, he’s Kanye.

Don’t even think about telling him to change up his posts, either. When he first considered joining Instagram, he mentioned it on Twitter and warned everybody off from trying to influence his “art.”

We’re really digging the fact that he said “my art” in that tweet and then went on to post someone else’s art as his first Instagram photo.

Kanye West Instagram BandRumors.com

He’s so deep.

The real question is: how is Kanye going to keep up his Instagram account if he’s gotten rid of his phone? Does his latest tweet mean we’re liberated from having to deal with even more of his “art” online?

Whatever, we’re not following him anyway.

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