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Kanye West Pays Family Member $250K to Stop Release of Sex Tape

If Kanye West is going to continue being surrounded by drama, at least he can afford to pay to have some of his problems go away. Unfortunately the source of his latest problems happens to be family members.

Kanye West Sex Tape BandRumors.com

Kanye West has not had it easy lately.

His cousin Lawrence Franklin decided now would be an opportune time to ride Kanye’s coattails speak up about what may have caused the breakdown that left Kanye West hospitalized. According to Franklin, the negativity all started when Kanye gifted an old laptop to a family member.

That family member then loaned it to another family member, who happened to find a rather compromising video of Kanye and an unknown woman on it. The family member threatened to leak the tape unless Kanye forked over some cash, and the rapper ultimately complied.

Kanye West Sex Tape BandRumors.com

Kanye West (left) with one of his aunts and his cousin Lawrence Franklin.

In exchange for possession of the laptop, West handed over more than $250,000. Why the hefty price? Franklin suspects it was because Kanye was already dating Kim Kardashian, and the woman in the video most certainly wasn’t her.

For those who follow West’s music, you guessed it–this is where the lyrics to the song “Real Friends” came from. Franklin¬†added that this was the beginning of Kanye’s separation from those he was close with.

“The sex tape episode started his decline. He stopped trusting people,” Franklin said. “At the end of the day if a member of your family had taken you for a quarter of a million dollars so they can complete their own ambitions, who can you trust within your circle?”

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