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Kanye West Says Apple Music & Tidal ‘Beef’ is Ruining Music Industry

Has Kanye West ever been shy about expressing his opinions? Doubt it. His latest gripe is with the state of competing music streaming services, such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music.

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Kanye West isn’t afraid of voicing his (usually controversial) opinions.

According to Kanye, there’s no reason for all of these services to exist separately. In fact, many artists choose to release their music on just one service or another, making it difficult for people to get access to all their favorite music legally since streaming subscriptions can get expensive.

Kanye started his rant by pointing out that the rivalries aren’t worthwhile.

Next, he called for the owners of all the major streaming services to have a meeting ASAP.

In true Kanye fashion, he then eloquently said there needs to stop being so much posturing.

Finally, he wrapped up his tirade by suggesting Apple stop trying to emulate Steve Jobs and buy out Jay Z, the main owner of Tidal.

As part owner of Tidal himself, the buy-out would give Kanye a pay bump as well. Oddly enough, the outspoken rapper released his most recent album, The Life of Pablo, exclusively on Tidal.

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The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year that Apple was in talks to purchase Tidal, but so far nothing has come of the discussions.

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