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Kanye West’s ‘Life of Pablo’ Vanishes from Spotify – War with Tidal to Blame?

We get it–sometimes artists want their music to only be available in certain ways. But shouldn’t they tell people trying to enjoy their music what’s going on? Kanye West‘s hit album The Life of Pablo mysteriously went missing from Spotify this week.

Fans looking for the album ended up having a whole lot of technical difficulties. When they’d search for it within Spotify, it simply wasn’t there. People who already had the album in their playlists couldn’t play the songs.

A Twitter user called Matt Scheumann contacted Spotify’s support account to get some details. Instead, he only found out that it may have vanished due to licensing changes.

At War with Tidal?

The Life of Pablo first came out exclusively on Tidal. Jay Z, West and several other artists are all co-owners of the Spotify competitor. However, Tidal hasn’t quite taken off the way Spotify has due to hefty costs and a low volume of music.

Some people are speculating that the Tidal/Spotify competition is why The Life of Pablo disappeared. However, others are wondering if Kanye is making some tweaks. In the past, he’s called the album a “living breathing changing creative expression.” He’s also uploaded new versions of it after its release previously.

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‘The Life of Pablo’ changes with Kanye’s mood.

All Kanye West fans can do for the time being is hope it comes back. Or, hey, go buy a digital copy of the album from Kanye’s website. It sure won’t hurt his ego any.

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