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Lady Gaga New Favorite for Super Bowl Halftime Show–Will Kanye West Pass Her Up?

Kanye West‘s fans better pick up the pace on that petition to get the rapper to play at the Super Bowl next year because Lady Gaga is gaining steam as the favorite to perform.

Some sources have told Billboard that the fashionable pop star is circling around the performance of the lifetime. However, Lady Gaga has already performed once at the Super Bowl, but it was the National Anthem rather than the halftime show. However, her rendition of the National Anthem last year drew more praise then the actual halftime performers, Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars.


An NFL representative gave a short answer when questioned about Lady Gaga. “We have had conversations with several fantastic artists about the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show. However, at this point we do not have a final decision,” the rep said. “We’re happy there is so much excitement about the show.”

The Super Bowl will take place on February 5, 2017.

Some people really hate Kanye West, but there are others who absolutely love his crazy antics and outspoken music. A really driven fan has started a petition to get Mr. West to play at the Super Bowl halftime show this coming year.

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We can give Kanye credit for putting on some cool shows.

This wan’t just a passing idea–this fan, named Brian Sporman, went all out with his goal. He went so far as to create a petition on Change.org asking people to voice their support for the notorious Taylor Swift-hater.

The petition reads:

You can say what you want about Kanye West but…. One thing you can’t say is that he’s not one of the best performers of ALL TIME! Adele said she doesn’t want to do this years super bowl halftime show and who is better for the job than Kanye West? If you don’t believe me go on YouTube and watch his past performances. If you pick Kanye for the half time show you can guarantee the performance of a lifetime @NFL! So everyone join me and sign the petition to make Kanye the Super Bowl 51 halftime performer!  #KanyeWestForSuperBowl51 @teamkanyedaily

He’s clearly been inspired by Kanye’s interruption of Taylor Swift’s awards acceptance speech, when he jumped up on stage to interrupt and declare Beyonce the best. And his inspiration is reaching others–so far 1,408 people have signed the petition.

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