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Lady Gaga Takes over Beyonce’s Coachella Gig

It seems impossible to fill Beyonce‘s shoes, but someone’s got to do it. Beyonce pulled out of Coachella last month, but Lady Gaga is here to save the day.

It’s impossible to have missed this news, but Beyonce is pregnant with twins. This is awesome news, but unfortunately, it means she’ll be too far along in her pregnancy to headline at Coachella.

Luckily, Lady Gaga just gave a killer performance at the Super Bowl, so she’s primed and ready to go. She’ll be taking over Beyonce’s Saturday headlining slot.

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More of this? Yes, please.

After her Coachella gigs, Lady Gaga is kicking off the Joanne world tour on August 1, 2017. So if you already missed out on getting your Coachella tickets (and don’t want to risk getting them second-hand), you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see Gaga perform live later this year.

And don’t worry, die-hard Beyonce fans. The Queen Bey will still be back. She’s going to be headlining Coachella in 2018. We doubt any fans are worried about Beyonce’s funds, but just in case you are, you’ll be happy to know her insurance policy is still giving her a $1 million payout for the Coachella gig.

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