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Led Zeppelin Reunion Possible for Desert Trip 2017?

Thanks to what’s been lovingly dubbed “Oldchella,” many older artists are getting their moment to shine yet again. (Did they ever stop shining? We think not). But no news has been quite as exciting as the potential Led Zeppelin reunion taking place in time for Desert Trip 2017.

First off, Robert Plant’s website changed to a simple black screen with the white words, “Any time now…” Very mysterious, right?

Led Zeppelin Reunion Desert Trip BandRumors.com

Back for 2017?

After that, FeelNumb.com posted an article saying some industry sources are reporting that Led Zeppelin is reuniting. Evidently, they turned down a $14 million offer to play last year, so they must be getting a pretty big sum to do it this year. Plant supposedly also turned it down to avoid reuniting with the other band members like Jimmy Page.

So what–besides the money–changed Plant’s mind? It’s almost the 50 year anniversary of Led Zeppelin’s creation! We’re having a hard time believing it’s been that long since they first hit the music scene, but considering they formed in 1968, it must be true.

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