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Lil’ Kim, Is That You? Rapper Is Unrecognizable In New Selfies

Rapper Lil’ Kim has always been willing to experiment with her looks, but some recent selfies posted on Instagram have got fans in a tizzy.

Miami Heat!!! ????????????

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As soon as she posted the photo, a flurry of negative comments hit the web. They ranged from simple comments on Lil’ Kim looking different to accusing her of trying to look like a white woman. Some have speculated that her relationship with Biggie Smalls, who was fatally shot in 1997, caused her to have low self-esteem, which in turn led to her multiple transformations.

Lil' Kim Biggie Smalls BandRumors.com

Lil’ Kim and Biggie Smalls had an affair for about a year, despite Biggie’s marriage to Faith Evans.

It’s not clear if her new look is the result of plastic surgery, makeup or photoshop, but she has admitted to cosmetic procedures in the past. On a radio show in 2005, Lil’ Kim told the host Angie Martinez that she got a nose job.

“It don’t bother me because I told you, I’m beautiful,” the rapper said. “I love myself. People think I did it because I had low self-esteem, but that wasn’t the case. I think I did it because I was a little too vain.”

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