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Lil Wayne Hospitalized After Suffering Two Seizures

Rapper Lil Wayne has been hospitalized after having a seizure during a flight from Milwaukee to California. His flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Nebraska. Wayne was taken off the plane, but refused medical treatment.

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The rapper has faced a history of epilepsy.

After the plane landed, Wayne was conscious and insisted on leaving again. However, as soon as the jet was in the air, he had a second seizure and the jet landed again, this time with Wayne unconscious. Paramedics began to treat him on the plane, but about a half an hour later he was taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Wayne has been dealing with epilepsy since he was a child. He has previously stated that he quit drinking due to the seizures  he has been facing; however, at his show last night he was spotted with a cup in each hand.


Back in 2012, a similar situation occurred, where Lil Wayne’s jet made an emergency landing after he suffered a seizure due to what his management said was a “severe migraine and dehydration.”

In 2013, Wayne was placed in a medically induced coma in the intensive care unit for nearly a week after having multiple seizures.

Read more to see what Lil Wayne has said about his seizures:

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