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Lindsay Lohan Has New Boyfriend? Who the Heck Cares

It wasn’t that long ago that Lindsay Lohan was having a screaming match with her fiancé on the balcony of her London apartment, but it appears she’s ready to move on from the hate–with a new man, of course.

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Lindsay Lohan is supposedly still engaged to Egor Tarabasov, but who knows.

This whole situation is totally bizarre. Let’s start at the beginning: Lohan was engaged to Egor Tarabasov, but neighbors caught them on camera feuding outside her home. And it wasn’t just a lover’s spat; Lohan was full-on accusing Tarabasov of trying to kill her.

Just a short while after that, Lohan was claiming that she was pregnant with Tarabasov’s child. Her creepy father Michael Lohan confirmed the statement, saying that he would always believe his daughter. However, Lindsay’s mom Dina said Lindsay is definitely not pregnant and was just saying it to get revenge on Tarabasov.

Let’s all pause here to take a breath because we’re going to need all our strength to get through the rest of this hot mess.

Lindsay Lohan Boyfriend BandRumors.com

LiLo with man number two, Dennis Papageorgiou.

Now, barely a month after all that drama, Lohan was spotted getting way too cozy with restauranteur Dennis Papageorgiou. The two met when he hosted her 30th birthday party at his club Rakkan Myoknos.

Oddly enough, she was wearing her engagement ring that she got from Tarabasov despite ongoing rumors that they broke off their wedding plans.

But that’s a whole other argument–some people are saying she’s been spotted without the ring, yet her friends have said she’s wearing it on her right hand. Some say she’s still engaged, some say they are officially over. So who the heck knows.

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All we can say is that Lindsay Lohan and Dennis Papageorgiou were getting very comfortable together and sticking side by side for days at a time. Shockingly, she was smiling for the first time in ages.

If she’s happy, then maybe we shouldn’t give a crap. Then again, if she isn’t happy, that’s her problem. Whatever.

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