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M.I.A And Diplo Still Fueding Over Fued

Fueding Over Fued

Fueding Over Fued

Nearly a decade after their break-up, the “he-said, she-said” hasn’t stopped for the immensely talented M.I.A and Diplo, who were close collaborators throughout a five-year relationship. While Instagram reveals that the two spent some time together recently (“Best friends forever,” read Diplo’s caption), they disagree on what exactly was said during the encounter.

The controversy began when M.I.A. spoke with Rolling Stone about their relationship, saying, “When I got signed by Interscope, he literally smashed my hotel room… because I was so angry.”

In an interview with Billboard, Diplo admitted to everything that his ex-girlfriend and ex-collaborator said about him, but added something to the equation: he claimed that M.I.A apologized to him, in person, for her comments.

Not so, she says. An April 23 Tweet reads, “I didn’t apologies [sic], I said you owe an apology to my people.” She ultra-music-festival-2013-diplo-650-430hasn’t elaborated on the Tweet, but followed it up with a pair of cryptic one-word Tweets the next day: “Who (nose emoji)” and “(eyes emoji) do.”

The apology M.I.A. is seeking is most likely for Diplo’s comments to the New York Times about the Tamil people, who were the victims of war crimes in the Sri Lankan Civil War, as documented in Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields. Regarding the artist’s politics, Diplo said, “You just can’t glamorise terrorism, it’s not cool.”

M.I.A has received acclaim since the start of her career for the political and social nature of her music, which explores the plight of the Tamil people. Despite this, she hasn’t been free from criticism: her statement that Barack Obama should return his Nobel Peace Prize, her support of Wikileaks, and her feud with the New York Times are all frequently cited by her detractors. Not least among them is Diplo.

Where this feud goes next is anyone’s guess, but the ball’s in Diplo’s court. Will he apologize for his “terrorism” comments, defend them, or ignore the Tweet altogether? Stay tuned.

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