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Maddie Ziegler Appears Appears In New Sia Video ‘Cheap Thrills’

Former Dance Mom’s phenom Maddie Ziegler, after making her departure from the show official earlier this month, is starring in her fourth Sia music video.

The track is called “Cheap Thrills” and is the first single from the Australian popstar’s latest Album, This is Acting.

Ziegler is best know from the insanely popular videos for Chandelier, Elastic Heart and Big Girls Cry.

In the new clip, Maddie is wearing the same nude leotard that she sported in the other videos, but this time her signature Sia wig is half black, half blonde, rather than the bold platinum color she has modeled for her previous three roles.

She is also joined by a pair of male dancers in the clip – which was directed by both Sia and Daniel Askill – with both of her co-stars wearing their own nude leotards and the same part-dyed hair styles as Maddie.

All three dancers also wear one black and one nude glove, and each appears to have a tented cylinder tied around their waist that bounces around behind them as they go through the eccentric choreography.

Throughout the dancing Sia appears in the back of the stage to the left out of the spotlight, but conspicuously sporting her own large black and white wig topped with a huge bow as she poses in front of a microphone.


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