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Madonna Falls Off Stage During Brit Awards Performance

Madonna fell off the stage during a performance at the Brit Awards Wednesday.

The “Living For Love” singer was seemed momentarily frazzled, though uninjured, and finished her performance.  

The fall occurred when her cape, which was pulled from behind by a backup dancer, did not come off as planned, resulting in a spill down the stage stairs. 

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Falling from the stage is not an uncommon occurrence but it does not make it any less embarrassing. From Beyonce to Iggy Azalea, the most seasoned performers have had the unfortunate experience of falling from the stage.

In some cases falls can be traumatic and life threatening, as in the case of punk rock legend Patty Smith. In 1977 Smith fell 15-feet off a stage in Tampa Bay and broke her neck. She survived the fall but spent the next year in a neck brace undergoing intense physical therapy.

In 2008, Katy Perry  was performing “I Kissed A Girl” at MTV’s Latin America Awards in Guadalajara, Mexico, when she fell three, count ’em three times, in one of the most embarrassing stage moments in pop history.

What made the Madonna fall so scary was that, at fifty-six years old, though she is probably in better shape then most women half her age, she is no spring chicken.

A backwards fall could have resulted in a serious neck injury (like Patty Smith) or broken bones. The “Material Girl” spill looked more like a moment on the old MTV show Jackass, than a pop performance, and, thankfully she survived unscathed.

As reported by BBC news, The 56-year-old issued a statement later saying she was “fine” and that her cape had been “tied too tight”.

“Nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up,” she wrote on Instagram, referencing the lyrics to her song. “Thanks for your good wishes!”

Spoken like a true professional. It’s going to take more than a fall down a few steps to stop Madonna.



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