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‘Madonna Spanked My Daughter’ Teenage Girl Exposed During Concert

For a teenage girl, being brought onstage at a Madonna concert could be the ultimate dream come true. Unless, of course, the pop superstar proceeds to pull your shirt down and expose you to the entire audience.

Madonna picked 17-year-old Josephine Georgiou out of the audience and brought her on stage at a recent concert in Brisbane. The performer took a look at Georgiou and stated, “She’s the kind of girl you want to slap on the ass.” Then, Madonna grabbed the girl’s corset-style top and yanked it down, exposing the girl’s breast.

Madonna Josephine Georgiou

17-year-old Josephine Georgiou gasps after being exposed on stage.

Georgiou quickly pulled the top up again, looking mildly flustered, while Madonna stated “Oh sorry, sexual harassment!”

Apparently the veteran performer thought two wrongs could make a right. She offered to let Georgiou do the same to her, stating, “You can do the same to me if you like.” Madonna then gestured to her crotch and asked, “You want to make my hole big again?”

Since Georgiou is a legal adult in Australia, any charge against Madonna would depend on Georgiou complaining to the police, which she has stated she is reluctant to do since she’s a huge fan of the musician.

Josephine Georgiou Madonna

Josephine Georgiou and her mother Toni face the press.

Georgiou’s mother doesn’t seem too upset, either. She posted on Facebook, “Madonna just spanked my daughter, so proud.” In fact, the leather corset the younger Georgiou was wearing at the time was her mother’s.

Georgiou is handling the situation with surprising calmness. “It was seriously nothing. I didn’t think of it until everyone totally freaked out about it,” the girl said. “It’s just my boob, it’s just part of my body.”

Though Georgiou is remaining nonchalant, the famous entertainer may have more to worry about. She is currently in a custody battle with ex-husband Guy Ritchie over 15-year-old son Rocco.

Piers Morgan, journalist and long-time hater of the former Mrs. Ritchie, exclaimed on the situation: “You dirty old woman! If Madonna was a man she would just have made herself a pariah.”

Madonna exposes teenage girl

Did Madonna go too far, or was this a simple accident? Maybe she will get lucky and have it all blow over before her custody battle concludes.

-BandRumors Staff

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