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Margot Robbie Secretly Marries Tom Ackerley in Family-Filled Ceremony

Of course the actress playing Harley Quinn would have a sneaky side. Margot Robbie deceived everybody by getting married on the down low over the weekend to longtime beau Tom Ackerley.

The actress and Ackerley got engaged earlier this year and have been together for three years, but they’ve been good at keeping their relationship out of the limelight. Still, the only evidence of their nuptials were some pictures posted on social media by family members.

Margot Robbie Married Tom Ackerley BandRumors.com

The couple that attends sporting events together stays together.

Tom’s brother James posted some pictures online (most likely violating whatever “no photos” policy the couple had in place), while Margot’s brother Cameron was also spotted in some pictures that look suspiciously like they were from a wedding ceremony.

According to the Daily Mail, Margot Robbie’s mother gave her away at the ceremony since she is estranged from her father. Her other siblings, Lachlan and Anya, were also said to be there with Anya acting as maid of honor.

Margot Robbie Married Tom Ackerley BandRumors.com

This couple looks like they know how to have a good time.

As for the location, some of the photos that found their way online looked like they were from the famous wedding location known as Harvest Newrybar in Australia. Robbie evidently always wanted to get married on the Gold Coast, and though Ackerley wanted to get married in the United Kingdom, where he’s from, he was willing to follow Robbie’s lead on this one.

An insider stated, “They decided to get married around Christmas so they could spend time with both their families afterwards, which they’ve never done before.”

In a very tongue in cheek move, Margot Robbie returned from the Australian ceremony wearing a t-shirt that said, “Say ‘I Do’ Down Under.” If that’s not a sly confirmation of the wedding rumors, nothing is.

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